Reach Care Rehabilitation - in home physical therapy

reach Care Rehabilitation - home physical therapy

Reach Care Rehabilitation - in home PT

Reach Care Rehabilitation - in home PT

Why Choose Reach Care Rehab?

Avoid the stresses of driving to a clinic and stay active. We bring “top of the line” physical therapy services to you in the comfort of your home.

Reach Care Rehab is a clinician owned Traditional Medicare (Part B) certified provider for seniors. We are not a home health agency. Under Traditional Medicare (Part B) our clients do not have to be homebound and in need of skilled nursing services.

We believe that treating clients in the home is more beneficial than treating in an outpatient clinic. Because our clients can perform exercises in a stress-free environment with one-on-one attention from a licensed physical therapist, your sessions can be more focused and intensive. We bring our exercise equipment to your home.

GIVE US A CALL TODAY for more information and to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained Physical Therapists at 716-548-8900.

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Reach Care Rehabilitation - Testimonials

“My Physical Therapist from Reach Care is wonderful. She is helping me to get stronger. I have more energy and I am physically getting better. I am more capable doing things around my house. My Therapist Mara is helping with my back pain and legs. I don’t have the amount of pain I had prior to have Reach Care Therapy. I recommend Reach Care for any physical problems people have. They do a wonderful job.”    

~ Russel

“Reach Care is a very good company even though it is fairly new. It is well organized. My Therapist Mara is always on time. Comes with a pleasant attitude. Always encouraging me to take one more step forward even though I am 85 years old and soon to be 86. The exercises are helping me to enjoy life, get out of my house with friends and go shopping. Thank you Reach Care.”    

~ Marian

“My mother has responded to the Therapist at Reach Care after refusing other Therapists and formed a good relationship with her. My mother can now climb stairs with minimum assistance, thanks to Reach Care.” 

~ Connie

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For clients or caregivers to schedule a Physical Therapy evaluation, or to learn more about Reach Care Rehab please call or email us and we will contact you soon to discuss your therapy needs and get you on your way.

Reach Care Rehabilitation phone number716-548-8900

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