About Reach Care Rehabiliation


“I recently completed 14 physical therapy visits by Mara and I want to commend your organization for the quality of this professional employee. Mara was exceedingly personable and friendly and, at the same time, competent and professional in every aspect of our interactions. Most importantly, I feel I made exceptional progress under her tutelage. This wasn’t easy for Mara. I am an 80 year old man recovering from lower extremity paralysis following surgical removal of a metastatic tumor from my thoracic spine and concurrently receiving chemotherapy treatments at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Yet, with a sensitive combination of sympathy and assertiveness, Mara pressed me to extend myself beyond my expectations. The resulting improvement in my mobility was impressive to my family and to me. I will always be grateful to her.”       Harry


“My mother has responded to the Therapist at Reach Care after refusing other Therapists and formed a good relationship with her. My mother can now climb stairs with minimum assistance, thanks to Reach Care.”        Connie


“My Physical Therapist from Reach Care is wonderful. She is helping me to get stronger. I have more energy and I am physically getting better. I am more capable doing things around my house. My Therapist Mara is helping with my back pain and legs. I don’t have the amount of pain I had prior to have Reach Care Therapy. I recommend Reach Care for any physical problems people have. They do a wonderful job.”     Russel

“Reach Care is a very good company even though it is fairly new. It is well organized. My Therapist Mara is always on time. Comes with a pleasant attitude. Always encouraging me to take one more step forward even though I am 85 years old and soon to be 86. The exercises are helping me to enjoy life, get out of my house with friends and go shopping. Thank you Reach Care.”       Marian

“The exercises with Reach Care has done me a world of good. I feel stronger and more energetic to do my shopping, run my errands and play with my granddaughter, thanks to the Therapist at Reach Care.”        Rose

“My wife is doing very well with Reach Care. She is helping with exercises and massages. My wife can walk much better.”        Elmer