Reach Care Rehabilitation - in home physical therapy


Reach Care Rehab provides outpatient Physical Therapists who make house calls.

We make it simple for you to make sure your loved one stays active, healthy, independent and safe as long as possible. We provide the best, most effective and convenient physical therapy services in the comfort of home to decrease the demands on caregivers.

Our skilled Physical Therapy services are covered under Traditional Medicare (Part B). We are different from a Home Health Agency performed under Medicare (Part A) with different regulations, such as the client must be homebound. In fact, we can work with clients in the home even after Home Health Agency has discharged them.

It’s simple: call us to evaluate your loved one without a doctor’s script. We will send the doctor a copy of our evaluation for certification. We will keep the doctor updated with progress reports and your loved one’s progress.

Reach Care provides the best and most convenient skilled physical therapy services in the home setting to reduce the demands on family and caregivers.

Be proactive! Don’t wait until a fall occurs or your loved one ends up in a hospital. The sooner balance and strength deficits are addressed, the longer your loved one will be able to maintain functional independence.

Call us at 716-548-8900 for more details on how to get started. We will help you check your loved one’s insurance benefits. Your loved one does not need to be homebound to receive our services.